Automate your WhatsApp service with HubSpot is the most complete integration on the market, between the official WhatsApp API with HubSpot.

More than 200 clients around the world.

Revolutionize your service operation

Bulk messages

Increase your reach by automating WhatsApp messages through fully customized workflows in HubSpot.

Conversation history straight in the timeline

Have all the conversations events directly on your respective contact's timeline in HubSpot.

Automated Customer Service

Self-service flows to reduce your team's workload and to spread chats more assertively.

The first complete integration completa between the official WhatsApp API and HubSpot.

Include WhatSapp channel in your HubSpot inbox

Offer a more dynamic service by transfer conversations between all the agents of all the teams in your company

You can choose one among many ways of assignment. As assignment by owner, number of chats or random, according to the most effective method for your team.


Templates sendeds/day





Smart features to scale your business

Send WhatsApp messages by workflows.

Whatsapp market campaings can be easily created by HubSpot workflows.

Official Business Account and Green Badge.

The Green Badge ensure that your company has an authentic and notable business account. The green badge request is in our team charge

Update and generate leads automatically.

Increase your lead capture by automatically generating HubSpot contacts. All WhatsApp conversations are automatically converted into new contacts in the HubSpot when they don't exist, and the existing ones have their properties updated.

Chatbot with artificial intelligence on your WhatsApp.

Provides quick and agile service through automatic questions and answers using natural language processing (NLP) that recognizes the customer intention and will be available 24/7.

Complete interaction records.

All the conversations has the interaction record in the contact’s timeline.

Integrate your apps and make your chatbot even more complete and intelligent.

Full support

For all stages, from setup to strategies development in order to offer the best usability and experience.

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